[PLUG] 64-bit Linux - Is it worth the switch ?

Shridhar Daithankar ghodechhap at ghodechhap.net
Tue Jan 20 17:22:47 IST 2009

On Tuesday 20 January 2009 17:01:40 Mandar Vaze wrote:
> Came across this article about "Go 64-bit with Windows 7" :
> http://i.gizmodo.com/5133771/why-you-should-go-64+bit-with-windows-7
> The article above says "if you have less than 4GB RAM, stay 32-bit",
> does it hold true for Linux as well ?

Nah.. 64 bit linux is always faster, no matter how much RAM you have. Personal 
experience. It boots faster, works faster and GUI is noticebly snappy compared 
to 32 bit versions. Dual boot it for some days and you will have cobwebs 
around your neck when using 32 bit OS.

> I would like to read about first hand experience of people using 64-bit
> Linux, is it any better compared to 32-bit ?

I am using a 64 bit OS for at least 3 years,(slamd64/slackware and now arch). 
Except for non-essential things like flash, things have worked great for me. 
Although 3 years back getting a 64 bit distro. completely on par with 32 bit 
was bit difficult.

Oh and there is no java plugin for browsers, at least not from sun.

> Is there a reason to switch to 64-bit (especially for home
> use/non-server use) ?

not really except everything is 30-50% faster. 

OTOH, I have a dos program(yay laugh) that I absolutely must have and it only 
works on 32 bit slackware/dosemu. Does not work on 64 bit linux in any 
emulation. Of course, I know the program is buggy in some way but now can't 
help it.


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