[PLUG] 64-bit Linux - Is it worth the switch ?

Devendra Laulkar devendralaulkar at gmail.com
Tue Jan 20 20:27:27 IST 2009


> Nah.. 64 bit linux is always faster, no matter how much RAM you have. Personal
> experience. It boots faster, works faster and GUI is noticebly snappy compared
> to 32 bit versions. Dual boot it for some days and you will have cobwebs
> around your neck when using 32 bit OS.

May I enquire which processor and Distro you have found this to be
true ? I had checked few 64 bit distros a couple of years back on a
AMD Turion processor, and the 32 bit distro outperformed the 64 bit  -
esp in terms of GUI snappiness.


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