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On Fri, Jan 23, 2009 at 2:00 PM, sanyam aggarwal
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> Hello Everyone,
> I am Sanyam Agarwal living in pune and working in Mahindra and
> Mahindra. I am also associated with Comptrix solution private Limited.
> Comptrix solution private limited is the service provider in Linux,
> give corporate trainings on Linux as well as Linux networking, we also
> give training to students and provide right platform on embedded linux
> i.e. Linux kernel programming (vanilla kernel).

It's great to know about what you are trying to do.

> Now we are planning to arrange training on embedded linux, porting on
> ARM board with the help of beagleboard community. The board is
> USB-powered beagleborad having ARM cortex, and having audio, video,
> provide 6 in 1 MMC card. You guys can go through the beagleboard
> website also i.e. www.beagleboard.org and can see the board. In the
> website at the right most bottom corner you can see "Free Embedded
> Linux training for students". So what the beagleboard community will
> do, they will give the training of porting on ARM board. Once you
> visit the website, you will came to know that beagelboard is the open
> community and you can do your own project independently.
> So what Comptrix do in this context?
> Basically we will provide resources free of cost i.e ARM board
> (purchased from Beagleboard community) to the students  so that they
> can know what embedded linux is, how to write driver for audio devices
> etc related to this board, and how to work on Real time applications.
> As far as me is concerned I am the supervisor and technical consultant
> for this training and as i mentioned that this will be a free training
> for the students in pune so I need voluntiers.
> I think this will be the golden opportunity for everyone because in
> todays world linux is everywhere and if you are getting free training
> of embedded linux on ARM borad, then it will be something great....
> My mail ID is aggarwal.sanyam at gmail.com
> I am waiting for the voluntiers and if you have any query feel free to
> ask on my Gmail ID.

Can you please specify what do you expect from the volunteers to do.
What sort of skills or help are you looking for in volunteers?

Best wishes for the training.

Arun Tomar
blog: http://linuxguy.in
website: http://www.solutionenterprises.co.in

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