[PLUG] Printing on a linux network

Rajiv Gore rajiv at wsieng.com
Thu Jan 29 18:59:44 IST 2009

I have  a small network with 3 Suse10.2  machines and 2 Windows machines.Suse 
machine acting as a server.Windows machines are connected to a suse machine 
using SAMBA.
I have a network printer  connected to a suse box and windows machines can 
print on the printer using samba & Cups.
I want Suse m/c to print on the network printer.I am curious if I can do it 
through Cups or any other protocol?
I normally acess suse machines from the suse server using "fish" protocol and 
I did not see any printing command in fish protocol.
Thanks for the help in advance.  
Rajiv Gore

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