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Arun Tomar tomar.arun at gmail.com
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On Thu, Jan 29, 2009 at 6:59 PM, Rajiv Gore <rajiv at wsieng.com> wrote:
> I have  a small network with 3 Suse10.2  machines and 2 Windows machines.Suse
> machine acting as a server.Windows machines are connected to a suse machine
> using SAMBA.
> I have a network printer  connected to a suse box and windows machines can
> print on the printer using samba & Cups.
> I want Suse m/c to print on the network printer.I am curious if I can do it
> through Cups or any other protocol?
> I normally acess suse machines from the suse server using "fish" protocol and
> I did not see any printing command in fish protocol.
fish is used to access the machine via ssh protocol. i guess u r using
kde on ur machines.
> Thanks for the help in advance.

you can print directly to ur network printer & access it also. if u
could specify the make & model then i could help you more. but for
some hints, if its an hp network printer u can access it directly via
ipp protocol & it generally listens to port 9100. if you've given ur
printer a specific ip then u can access it's interface via ur web
browser to change/modify settings.

just for your info, if your printer is not a network printer then you
can make one of your linux machine as a print server & share it with
other windows/linux  machines via samba/cups.

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