[PLUG] [OT/commercial/x-post] Looking for professional help to integrate LDAP auth (Mac OSX, Linux and Windows XP)

Arun Khan knura at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 9 10:44:23 IST 2009

Please contact me offlist/directly if you have implemented:

LDAP authentication, using Mac OSX 10.5 server  with it's bundled Open 
Directory as the backend to authenticate users on Linux, OSX (10.4 and 
10.5) desktops, and Windows XP SP3 desktops.  

A client has a setup of heterogenous desktop setup and wants to 
implement Directory Services for the organization.  

The composition is 80% Linux desktop + 2 Linux File servers (NFS+Samba), 
7 OSX desktops and 5 Windows XP desktops).

The user's Unix (Linux/OSX) profile is portable to the respective 
platform via LDAP and Windows profile is portable through Samba. 
Samba+LDAP back end needs to be configured on 2 Linux file servers as 
well on the OSX server (for user's home dir).

Arun Khan

PS - I have already tried openLDAP (on Linux), works with Linux 
desktops, OSX clients see the LDAP server but do not authenticate from 
the graphical login window.

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