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Arun Tomar tomar.arun at gmail.com
Thu Jul 9 15:26:51 IST 2009

Dear Friends,

Solution Enterprises is into IT infrastructure Management with core
competency in Linux and Solaris platform. To know more about the company
kindly visit http://www.solutionenterprises.co.in


We are looking for freshers with excellent knowledge of windows and basic
knowledge of linux.


Job title: Junior System administrator.
Location : Pune, Client side.
Timings: 9.30 am to 7 pm (approx).
Client: Is a very big multinational organization specializing in security

Skills set required:

Technical :

Excellent knowledge of windows desktops and servers is a must and basic
knowledge of linux is expected. Fundamental knowledge of DHCP, DNS, Web
servers, Networking etc is required.


   - Hard working and positive attitude.
   - Smart and have a lot of patience.
   - Can work under pressure and deadlines.
   - Self motivated and ability to find solutions an workaround complex
   tasks and situations.
   - Excellent communication and people management skills.

Experience: Doesn't matter, as long as you can do the task.

Broadly Tasks would be:

   1. Deploying/managing desktops (windows and linux).
   2. Deploying/managing  servers operating system (windows/linux)
   3. Managing network switches/routers.
   4. Troubleshooting (OS/application/network) etc.

Working environment:

Located in the central part of the city, the company offers excellent work
environment and lot of scope to learn. Working there would be an excellent
learning opportunity for the candidate.


   - Send your resumes to the following address :
   jobs at solutionenterprises.co.in
   - Kindly do not call us. We'll call you based on the short listed
   - Telephonic interview and then personal interview.
   - Final interview with the client.
   - Offer letter once the client has approved the candidate.

Arun Tomar
blog: http://linuxguy.in
website: http://www.solutionenterprises.co.in

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