[PLUG] LiLO+Mandriva Vs. openSUSE++LiLO/GruB

म.हा.सा.ग.र o.s.h.o at guruvision.com
Thu Jul 16 10:47:36 IST 2009

after many installations of both the combinations LiLO+Mandriva und
openSUSE as well as GRuB i find out now safe to comment the following:

१. openSUSE does not handle LiLO instllation correctly.  especially
it's /boot/message file is biger than what Lilo conf can handle and
hence one needs to comment it out for LiLO to get installed and work
२. So if you are using LiLO on openSUSE then with every update of LiLO
you need to take this pain of manually editing the lilo.conf.
३. Mandriva & LiLO are natural cousins in that repsect because no
manual tweaking is required.

१. if during the install a package gives error then openSUSE will
handle it more appropriately meaning not needing *#rpm --rebuilddb*
kind of actions while Mandriva will need occasional rebuilding of RPM
database in order to have proper updates instllation.
२. During such when openSUSE handles it correctly the user will be
overly annoyed by sheer no. of clicks (s)he will need to execute in
order to abort the update/installation while in case of Mandriva, that
will be a joy to give up update and installation easily.

१. in between YaST and MCC (mandriva control center) i think while
YaST is better organized, it can be pain to search for things you want
to achieve in case of Mandriva MCC top lever menus are more intuitive
(this observation after several instllations of both)
२. openSUSE does not provide network profile manager (not that i could
find it anywhere after 2 hours of internet + other searches) while
Mandriva has such while albeit little rudimentary does the job.

१. Mandriva will correctly identify the disk partition from previous
installations while openSUSE needs rescanning of the disk at least
once more to correctly understand then..

Others can contribute to this thread und help both openSUSE and
Mandriva  to improve upon their weaknesses...


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