[PLUG] [OT/COMMERCIAL] - Computerising election process for a society

Vikas Damodar Garud vikas at techqual.com
Wed Jul 22 15:20:48 IST 2009


A society in Mumbai wants to computerise its election process.  The scenario:

There are about 12000 members spread all over India, mainly Maharashtra.  
There are about 12 office bearers and there is annual election for all the 

The ballot papers are sent by post to the members and they send it back, duly 
marked with their choices.  Somebody in the office then counts the votes and 
declares the results.  Typically, about half of voters exercise their voting 

Every voter has to exercise the choice for all positions contested - If 
anybody doesn't vote for any of the position, the ballot paper is considered 
invalid.  Similarly, if somebody marks for two candidates for any position, 
the ballot paper is considered invalid.

The society wants to computerise the part of counting of the votes.  It would 
be willing to spend reasonable (I don't know what that would be) amount of 
money.  The hardware and software cost of the solution adopted for 
competitive exams (like IIT entrance) would be too costly for them.  However, 
a solution dependent on design and printing of special ballot papers, 
scanning them using normal scanners and using some suitable software to 
complete the validation and counting of votes may be within the society's 
budget (whatever it may be).

If somebody is interested in providing such solution, or is aware of such 
solution may directly contact Dr. Ashok Korde on his cell: (0)9820435204.  
Give my (Vikas Garud, Pune) reference.

Vikas Garud

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