[PLUG] Basic Questions

Shrinivasan T tshrinivasan at gmail.com
Thu Jul 23 16:21:32 IST 2009


Welcome to the open source world.

> 1) I have heard there are no viruses in linux.  Is that ture ?

Yes. There is no virus in linux.
It has such a great filesystem and permission settings so that
no human or script can do nasty things where they dont have any permission.

read here.

> 2) Is there a site where I can visit daily to get some basic news and
> updates about linux.

There are a lot of sites available.

1. fsdaily.com
2. linuxtoday.com
3. lxer.com
4. linux.slashdot.org

> 3) Kindly suggest a book which can teach me about basic as well as
> advance linux shell scripting so that I can be good at this os.

you can get some neat guides in tldp.org

Got basics.

We are heppy to help you.



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