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Deepan Chakravarthy codeshepherd at gmail.com
Fri Jul 24 23:07:44 IST 2009

About The Company

MeraEvent Interactive is an early stage startup .We are one of the
companies that are being incubated at CIIE,IIM- Ahmedabad.
Our first idea development is all about converging web 2.0 and unified
communication technologies to present a unique concept to the
stakeholders of the events and entertainment industry.


As part of our fast-track development plans, we are looking at hiring
a couple of really smart & kick-ass Developers/Sr.Developers/ with
strong exposure to any or some of the following technologies:

* PHP/ Python


You will also have the opportunity to work in an exciting startup and
lead a team for the technical development part of the venture.
We present a great opportunity for you to be part of a very promising
startup that anybody could dream of. We offer a compensation package
that is ‘stock heavy’ and ‘pay lite’ initially for about 4-6 months.


IIM Ahmedabad for about a month and then Mumbai or Bangalore

Please mail your interest at vishal.imt at gmail.com

Vishal Sethi
vishal.imt at gmail.com

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