[PLUG] SOLVED Re: [OT/commercial/x-post] Looking for professional help to integrate LDAP auth (Mac OSX, Linux and Windows XP)

Arun Khan knura at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 30 10:29:48 IST 2009

On Monday 20 Jul 2009, Manas Alekar wrote:
> > Done it (all preferences moved to Trash bin); the problem, as
> > stated before, still persists.
> You mean you moved /Library/Preferences to Trash !? If not try moving
> /Library/Preferences/DirectoryServices to Trash.

Hi Manas - thanks for your follow ups :)  No, I 
meant /Library/Preferences/DirectoryServices to trash - did not help.

Anyway,  we switched to OSX server 10.4.  It seems to be more stable 
than 10.5.  Linux/OSX clients are able to authenticate with the OSX 
LDAP server.  Ditto for Windows (XP/Vista) clients; they are able to 
join the Samba DOMAIN - only caveat machine "users" have to be added 
manually not a big issue for me.

After some googling we found that others are also experiencing similar 
problem with no solution.  In fact, one person complained everything 
was working fine in his 10.4.x setup.  His LDAP/Samba setup broke when 
he upgraded to 10.5.  This was the straw that made us switch the 

Arun Khan

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