[PLUG] Need help for our school

Manjusha Joshi manjusha.joshi at gmail.com
Thu Jun 4 15:33:32 IST 2009


>  We have been running our two school labs on MS Server. But we wish to
> convert to Linux.
>  We will have one lab with a Linux File server (and domain server?) with up
> to 50 PCs on Linux.
>  Applications will be Open Office, Blue J, C++ and whatever else available
> to teach children from Std 8 to 10
>  In the other lab we want to have a Linux server with up to 40 Thin Clents.
> Applications for Jr Children. They learn typing, word perocessing, LOGO
> programming and we should be teaching animation etc. for small children from
> 3rd to 7th.
>  Any one out there available to help in setting up the labs and suggesting
> software and even the Linux server software?
>  We will also like to convert nearly all the workstations to Linux. We will
> need help with everything!!! including some handholding with stuff like Open
> Office and other softwarte that we are happily using today on Microsoft!

In addition  to that you can use linux based software  `Dr Geo' for Geometry
for  school kids. There are plenty of open source educational software which
works on linux. Use of Freeduc CD will be good start.


Here are some school level educational software.

Best wishes,

Manjusha Joshi

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