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Mr. Gupta.

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> To PLUG members,
>  We have been running our two school labs on MS Server. But we wish to
> convert to Linux.
>  We will have one lab with a Linux File server (and domain server?) with up
> to 50 PCs on Linux.
>  Applications will be Open Office, Blue J, C++ and whatever else available
> to teach children from Std 8 to 10
>  In the other lab we want to have a Linux server with up to 40 Thin Clents.
> Applications for Jr Children. They learn typing, word perocessing, LOGO
> programming and we should be teaching animation etc. for small children from
> 3rd to 7th.
>  Any one out there available to help in setting up the labs and suggesting
> software and even the Linux server software?
>  We will also like to convert nearly all the workstations to Linux. We will
> need help with everything!!! including some handholding with stuff like Open
> Office and other softwarte that we are happily using today on Microsoft!

I can help you with all your tasks. although the time mentioned by you is a
bit less. Please feel free to contact me or give your contact details so
that we can talk further.

>  School starts on 8th June.
>  Regards
>  V Gupta
>  (President and Trustee)
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>  Vidya Valley School, Pune
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>  web: www.vidya-valley.com
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