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On Thu, Jun 4, 2009 at 5:28 PM, Deepak Dhanvijay <ddhanvijay1 at rediffmail.com
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> Dear all,I have installed Edubuntu on a Dell Machine with below
> configuration,DELL GX 150 - BLACK TOWERSPIII 933 MHZ / PIII 1.0 GHZ128 MB
> RAM20 GB HDDCD-ROM, FDD, SOUND, LANNow I have to prepare arouond 100 Dell
> machine with the same configuration and OS.I tried Norton Ghost, and able to
> make the images but while deploying it I am facing one issue. It is giving
> me Blue Dump and not getting installed. please suggent me if it
> possible with Norton Ghost or if any other software available.Thanks in
> Advance.Deepak DhanvijayPune

If this are Desktops, then Disk Copy should work (in theory) considering
they are exactly identical configurations.
You'll need something like following command :

dd if=/dev/hda of=/dev/hdb bs=1024k

where if= your "source" disk, and of= your "target" disk
You will need to physically connect the HDD to the running machine.

Doing this for 100 machines will be time consuming (Does norton ghost work
over network ?)


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