[PLUG] [OT] Internship at Beevolve

Beevolve Technologies careers at beevolve.com
Sat Jun 6 16:10:02 IST 2009

Software Engineer - Intern (Job Code: JOB-SEI-001)
Are you looking for an exciting oppurtunity to gain real-world work
experience while you earn your degree? Beevolve is looking for an
intern to work with us for the next three to four months. All CS (or
similar disciplines) Junior, Senior or Post-Graduate students are
encouraged to apply. If things work out well, we will convert it into
a full-time position.

* Experience with Python, Javascript, CSS, XML/HTML, mySQL, Shell Scripting etc.
* Knowledge about MVC frameworks
* Experience using Linux/Unix

The most important qualifications for this position are having good
problem solving skills, an ability to learn quickly and a willingness
to pitch in whereever you are needed.

What Beevolve offers:
* Informal and entrepreneurial atmosphere
* Flexible working hours
* Lots of possbilities and incentives for additional learning

If this seems like an interesting oppurtunity to you, please send your
resume and cover letter (in plain text or html) to
careers[at]beevolve[dot]com with the subject 'JOB-SEI-001'. Beevolve
is currently participating in the iAccelerator program at
IIM-Ahmedabad. So you will need to move to Ahmedabad to work for us.
We will try to arrange for your accomodation on IIM-A campus.

Company Background:
Beevolve has developed cutting-edge Deep Web crawling technology. The
crawling platform can be used for extracting, integrating and mining
any number of web sources. Our software uses large-scale distributed
computing, machine learning, data structures & algorithms and
information extraction and integration.

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