[PLUG] Linux on Acer EL1600 desktop?

Arun Khan knura at yahoo.com
Sat Jun 27 13:46:35 IST 2009

On Saturday 27 Jun 2009, Shakthi Kannan wrote:
> Hi,
> --- On Fri, Jun 26, 2009 at 10:41 PM, Krishnan M<kmlist at yahoo.in> 
> | Acer has recently released a very compact desktop (EL 1600) with a
> decent configuration (Intel
> | Atom CPU
> \--
> Which model of Atom processor? Not all of them are i386.
> http://docs.fedoraproject.org/install-guide/f10/en_US/sn-which-arch.h

One can install both x86 as well as x86_64 variants of Linux on both 
i.e. Atom 230 and 330.  

To the best of my knowledge, the laptop variants are x86, at least N270, 

Then there is the z500 series atom, some of them are in the newer 
netbooks.  See more at 

Arun Khan

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