[PLUG] Installing Fedora

abhi abhi.elementx at gmail.com
Mon Jun 29 13:54:35 IST 2009

>I recently got a new hard drive. It's not formatted. I was installing
> fedora
> >9 on my machine. Its an interactive OS.
> >There is an option which says install on hard drive. I clicked on it.
> >On following the custom directions, it leads me to a point which says:
> >*Installation requires partitioning of your HDD. By default a partitioning
> >ayout is chosen which is reasonable for most users. You can either choose
> >to use this or create your own.*
> >Then it gives me 4 options:
> >One of them is: *Remove all partitions on selected drives & create default
> >layout*
> >and 3 more options. But on selecting any of the 4 it doesn't proceed
> >further.
> >I think it needs to be formatted 1st.
> >Further, I installed the Fedora 10 OS which is a normal OS (Not an
> >interactive OS).
> >It doesn't give me any option to format the PC.
> >It throws me an error:
> >An error has occurred - no valid devices were found on which to create new
> >file systems. Please check your hardware for the cause of this problem.
> >So i guess, first i need to have my HDD formatted. Anyone, any idea how to
> >go about it?
> >Suggestions are highly valued.
If you have Windows, you need to seperate and format 3 partitions(swap,
root, home(optional)) from your harddrive(all logical drives).
Boot to the fedora installation CD and when the partitioning phase comes,
choose 'Manual' option or watever option that says the user wants to set up
the partitions and proceed.
You shud see the 3 empty partitions listed. select each and edit them to
root, swap and home partitions for linux respectively(choose the appropriate
filesystems fpr each - ext3 for root, home and swap for swap).
The bottomline is you need to set up at least 3 partitions before you begin
fedora install.
That's what i did.


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