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> My ISP uses http authentication. So user has to go to a certain https URL
> and
> login with username password etc.
> This forces me to use a browser to start my internet connection.
> Is there any way to do above https interaction using (say) a command line
> tool - basically non interactively rather than command line vs gui?
> One reason to look for this is to generally avoid having to launch the
> browser
> just for authentication when you might not actually need it otherwise.
> Another, more compelling reason is, if you leave a large download
> unattended
> for hours and if the connection gets broken (let's bash ISP on some other
> thread for that ;-) it does not get reconnected automatically. There is no
> mechanism to keep retrying till the connection is re-established. (This
> used
> to happen so when I had a pppoe based connection.)

start using torrents for ppp downloads e.g. azureus, bit torrent, utorrent
they'll take care of link failure, power failure, stopping download in
between etc..

> Mayuresh.
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