[PLUG] command line http authentication

Mayuresh mayuresh at acm.org
Tue Mar 10 19:09:02 IST 2009

Vaibhav, your script works fine for me though it's not Reliance connection. 
(It is Tata Indicom.)  It's a really short, cute and precisely written 
script. Many thanks for sharing!

Another big benefit for me is many times I don't launch X server at all though 
need the internet access. Now I can use this script to connect without 
launching X.

What baffles me now is what that hidden fields stuff is that kepps changing on 
every access etc. Is it just a show? The server seems to be content with a 
post that has just two fields that matter - username and password!

If server is that co-operative (!), the other scripts suggested on this thread 
or any simple hand formed postdata should also work with wget/curl etc.

Regarding my point about curl-loader having to be run as root:

The point is not "How to run it as root". I was complaining about the very 
fact that it has to run as root. I feel it's unnecessary. Not sure what is 
inside the tool that requires root privilege. It wasn't at least obvious to 


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