[PLUG] networking problem in OpenSuse 11.1

murtuja bharmal murtuja_bharmal at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 11 15:27:13 IST 2009

1. Ip address and netmask you are putting on machine is correct. I mean belong to same Lan.
2. try "arp -an" on linux and "arp -a"  in widows and check you getting arp entries for other machine or  not.
If yes
3. Make sure firewall is not enable in Suse box. if it is iptables try this command  "iptables -L -n" to check what is INPUT, OUTPT policy for the box.

What is the result if you try to ping from Suse to Window.



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I have 2 PCs with OpenSuse 11.1/ winxp64 dual boot on both machines.
I'm not able access other system if any of pc is on Open Suse, I have
tried ssh , samba both did not work. Both pcs can't even ping each
I have BSNL broadband wich is share via a hub. Internet is running
fine on both Pcs. In win networking works fine.
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