[PLUG] OT: How many of you are programmers?

Navin Kabra navin.kabra at gmail.com
Fri Mar 13 09:19:49 IST 2009

> I'm not sure how successful such a group would be; would it be a useful
> idea
> to start out within another group(like PLUG) and then form a separate forum
> if there seem to be enough attendees?

I don't think getting attendees will be a problem.
>From PLUG, phpcamp mailing list, punetech.com, twitter and other avenues, I
think I can assure you of a sizable audience.

My only worry is a venue - we have started using SICSR for so many events
that I sometimes wonder whether they'll get irritated and throw us out :-)

So it would be nice if we could line up another venue.
Any contacts in Pune University?

Good idea - but we could take this further and make it a computer
> science/technology interest group encompassing a multitude of topics from
> programming languages, operating systems, artificial intelligence, etc...



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