[PLUG] SSH Problem Someone who can help ?

PenguinPuPPy penguinpuppy at gmail.com
Wed Mar 25 23:27:40 IST 2009

Hello There,
            I have a small problem here which I wish to describe as an
example.Ok so here it is .I have a client and a server both UNIX boxes.I
wish to run sftp on the client as user A and authenticate as user B on the
server which is going to be accomplished using a  script.So user A is the
owner of the script and he authenticates to server as user B .Now the
problem is when the authentication happens it asks for a manual password
entry which doesn't make sense .I have used ssh rsa keys ..but still no
solution as the authentication needs to be automatic.Any solution to the
problem is  welcome

Penguinpuppy ;-)
To Love The Penguin(aka TUX) You Need To Be As Faithful As A Puppy

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