[PLUG] Atul Chitnis, founder of foss.in, in Pune this weekend

Navin Kabra navin.kabra at gmail.com
Sat Mar 28 08:11:21 IST 2009

Sorry for the late notice.

Atul Chitnis, Linux/FOSS evangelist, a founder of foss.in, (amongst
many other things) is in Pune this weekend. I believe he will have
some free time tomorrow afternoon (Sunday, 29th March, around 3pm). So
if there is enough interest in PLUG for a discussion and/or talk with
him can be arranged (it will be at the usual place for PLUG meetings -
7th Floor, SICSR). Let me know - I'll set up something if I get enough

He is also giving a "startup" oriented talk "The world is changing"
tomorrow at 11am, in case anybody is interested. Details at:

More info about Atul:
Atul is the Chief Products Officer at Geodesic (http://geodesic.com).
He has been at the forefront of India’s technology evolution since the
1980s, predicting and driving new technology waves such as
datacommunication, networking, the Internet, wireless and mobile
computing, and Open Source, among others. A hardcore products man, his
focus areas include mobile and hand-held computing, wireless data
networks, Linux and Open Source and entertainment technologies -
topics he frequently writes about. His popular PCQuest column,
COMversations, helped bootstrap Indian users into the consumer
datacomm era. Atul is well known for his work with the Free and Open
Source Software (FOSS) community, and is also the founder of FOSS.IN,
one of the world’s largest grassroot technology conferences. He is
also a member of several Project Review and Steering Committees with
the Department of Information technology (DIT), Government of India.

For more info about Atul, see http://atulchitnis.net/bio/

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