[PLUG] Mandriva 2009.1 Sprint

म.हा.सा.ग.र o.s.h.o at guruvision.com
Fri May 8 08:53:15 IST 2009

further to my report of Mandriva 2009.1 y'day...

this is probably the first time since someone else installed (claiming
it was the easiest and most user friendly distro handcountable  years
back, because i had a messed with PCQLinux and something else )
Mandriva on my machine, that i have very little to complain about...

Lot of small and notable things that a person like me may not shout
about but will definitely register in mind seem to have improved...

And now i can positively say KMail lets you eat the cake too it is just nice...

Over last few months Since arrival of OS11.1 i had started wondering
whether it is time to switch distro while now i do not feel such a
need anymore just after seeing Mandriva 2009.1  i will continue to
recommend OS and ubuntu to others alongwith MDV, but that is a because
people need to chooose what they like based on their own experience,
not get carried away by usual bombardment of propoganda politics :-)

Maybe there are some corners which i am yet to experience in next one
or two days but i think this positive feeling generated by allowing me
to have LiLO++ distro definitely will neutralize those other

Anyway in this *Land Of Linux*  where every distro counts, i am just
mentioning (probably boasting about) what i feel, which may or maynot
have simile with anybody else's experience (or feeling) [to complete
the legalease ;-]


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