[PLUG] squid with auth and group base access

murtuja bharmal murtuja_bharmal at yahoo.com
Fri May 15 12:32:09 IST 2009

> I required to setup a squid with User base access control for more then 150
> concurrent user. 

squid support may type of authentication like Basic, NTLM, LDAP etc. If you already have any authentication server you can integrate it with squid or you can use basic authentication. 

> I have to setup a group base access also.

For group based access control better If you use redirector feature of squid. you have to write redirector programe. you can get some example of redirector programe by google.

> it will also give me reports like sarg.

If you alrady aware about sarg then what you are looking for.
 You can look at lot another tool which generate report based on squid access.log file.


 murtuja bharmal
website: http://null.co.in

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