[PLUG] Headphone plug broken on my Acer box running Ubuntu

Parag Shah adaptives at gmail.com
Mon May 18 11:27:06 IST 2009

Hi Abhijit,

I am not sure what difference do you mean in the above two.
> However, USB audio is exceptionally well supported in linux. Hardy had some
> problems with using it as default, but pulseaudio/alsa fixes later have
> made it
> perfectly usable.
> I currently own the logitech funky headsets which came along with usb audio
> dongle, these are really good and sound quality is exceptional. I use them
> even on the laptop without broken port just for the quality. but they are
> on
> the costly side.
> There are lot of cheaper choices available, I have tried various ranging
> from
> 200Rs to 500Rs and they all work with same accuracy and convenience.

Thanks for your suggestion. I am also thinking of getting a USB adapter and
trying it out. It seems like a good approach that should work without
opening the motherboard to get the broken headphone part out.

The USB headphones I spoke about are headphones that directly plug into the
USB port. They are a lot more expensive (I believe the decent ones start at
about Rs 2000)  but they offer better quality as well.

Thanks & Regards
Parag Shah

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