[PLUG] Any open-source software for documentation.

" शंतनू (Shantanoo)" shantanoo at gmail.com
Sat May 23 00:18:16 IST 2009

Mandar Vaze wrote:
> Sorry for a small hijack - :)
> I do not know of any such tool, but I see two hurdles
> 1. Wiki contents, as you pointed out, are very informal/unstructured. So the
> contents might not be of the quality needed for production-ready document
You can consider wiki similar to garden. You need gardener to maintain 
it properly. To remove orphan pages, add proper cross-references etc. In 
absence of gardener, the wiki may grow wild and may not be much useful 
(maybe it can be nuisance to fix it).

-- shantanoo

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