[PLUG] Torrent question

G Karunakar indlinux at gmail.com
Wed Nov 18 23:45:51 IST 2009

On Wed, Nov 18, 2009 at 11:11 PM, Mayuresh <mayuresh at acm.org> wrote:
> Just started donwloading Fedora 12 torrent.
> Always wonder when I download a new distro why the peers list that the torrent
> client shows so few peers from India. (I use ktorrent which shows the country
> of a connected peer. May be other clients too show this.)
> US tops the list of peers' countires followed by China, Russia when I observed
> just now.
> Is it that, not too many in India download or it has anything to do with the
> bandwidths in India i.e. the torrent clients might be choosing peers with
> better speeds etc.

Or the other way that we tend to limit/kill uploads when downloading
from torrents! Or so to say there are more leechers than seeders!
Sure many still have bandwidth limitations, but still could let it
share while their own download goes.


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