[PLUG] Anyone who can setup a Linux intranet/corpnet?

Archis Gore archisgore at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 23 17:10:56 IST 2009

Hello all,

I'm looking for some vendor/freelancers who can prove configuration of a corporate network-like intranet for a university/college department.

This is sort of urgent, I'm in Pune for a week max, and would like to chalk out the design/architecture before I leave.

In general, a lot of installations in Pune run Linux, but the whole ordeal is nightmarish - individual boxes managed by random people with no policies in enforcement. No Directory services means a whole array of user accounts, out of which many are orphaned. No good intranet collaborations, no CMS systems, etc.

What I'm looking for is, someone who can take, say, just one department in college and turn it into what we're used to in a corporation - all the bells and whistles. Firewalls, private collaboration portals for different groups (teachers, administrators, students of a certain class), centralized authentication, automatic connectivity to WiFi once you're auth'd on the network, decent email with a good web-UI for home access, etc.

Know anyone?


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