[PLUG] Ubuntu One

Amit Karpe amitkarpe at gmail.com
Wed Oct 14 14:40:13 IST 2009

Hello All,
         I found ubuntu project called "Ubuntu One". Project is in beta stage.
Which is for sharing files between Ubuntu Desktops. For this user must
have "Ubuntu One" account and Ubuntu Desktop with Ubuntu One Client. (
Launchpad account also will work.) This will work like online wepsapce
for your files.
          Ubuntu one is not like "Dropbox", which support many other
OS like Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.
Also they say "We'd like to point out that you are part of a small
group of respected beta users. Since we are in beta, there will be
bugs, and your feedback is extremely important. The team is fixing
these issues as well as improving the service every day."

Ubuntu One is online and cloud based services for Ubuntu users:


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Andre Gide

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