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>>On Wed, Apr 21, 2010 at 10:06 AM, Akshay N. Manke
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>> Hello All,
>> ? I am Akshay N Manke. Currently working in Microsoft Windows Server
>> Environment and wants to learn Linux / Sun Solaris, can anybody help me
> for
>> suggesting any *Best Person* or any *Best Institute*, that will teach
> Linux
>> Conceptually and Practically.
>> Please Help.
>>> There is no best institute or person to learn Linux from!  That's the
>>> truth.  The journey starts with your wish to learn it and eventually
>>> you learn that you yourself are your best teacher.
> This is not true....

It all depends on the perspective.  I too have been involved in
commercial Linux training  but agree with Mahasagar's view point.   I
strongly advocated that my workshop was just the beginning of a
journey into the world of Linux, but to become proficient the students
had to practice hands on their own.   Any education or training will
take you only so far i.e. set the foundation and then the rest is
really up to the individual to take himself/herself to whatever height
they wish to achieve.  During the course of last 2 years, I  have gone
through 50+ candidates for various admin positions.  Their CV boasted
the most popular Linux certification in India with 80% or better marks
but they failed even in the basics of Linux sysadmin.   The selected
candidates had to go through my own internship program to make them
productive network/system admins at client locations.

-- Arun Khan

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