[PLUG] [COMMERCIAL] Server Setup

ar9774 at yahoo.com ar9774 at yahoo.com
Sun Aug 8 11:27:36 IST 2010

Please review we are looking for free lancer or small company who will do this 
for us in a budget. Thanks to the members. 

Dear Members we need the following. Would you pls either recommend some vendors 
or send a rough estimate for the following to us. The machines specs are quad 
core Intel, 8 GB Ram and 1 TB storage. If you have questions please email me 
with contact details and I will contact you.

- Complete CentOS linux build with latest patches.
- Network Server
- File Sharing
- Internal Email
- Dual Network Card
- Internet Proxy
- Firewall
- Print Server
- LDAP Authentication/preferred
- Webserver / Intranet internal DNS
- Twiki or Media Wiki
- Oracle and Mysql installed.



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