[PLUG] load balancing & link aggregation on multiple internet

Arun Tomar tomar.arun at gmail.com
Mon Aug 9 23:48:44 IST 2010

  Dear Friends,

I wanted to do some brainstorming with you guys on the above mentioned 

Q. What i want to do is to aggregate the bandwidth of 2 or more tata 
photon devices for single stream of data or single request.

Ans. Although we are able to load balance and failover multiple internet 
connections, not just 3G devices but broadband also. This could be 
helpful for SME with multiple internet connections and multiple request. 
We are already using the load balancing & failover in our office and 
using the maximum possible bandwidth.

I've already thought of line bonding (doesn't meet the current 
requirements), even bridging or vlans also.

The best solution for this was mlppp (multi link ppp), but we need the 
isp to support this protocol, which they don't as of now.

I'm fairly conversant with linux platform and networking technologies, 
so feel free to suggest, even if the solution might be complex to 


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