[PLUG] netbook recommendation needed

Kulkarni Shantanu linux at shantanukulkarni.org
Fri Aug 13 12:58:49 IST 2010

As a standby to my laptops and for ease of carrying, I am planning to
purchase a netbook. I will be using it only occassionally (like while
waiting at airport or when I am in hotel for few hours) to check mails,
browse net, read documentation, ssh to my servers for any emergency
work, write simple perl/python/C codes and maybe use netbanking. 
So, I am not considering to spend a big amount (~15k). 
Any cheap but reliable netbook (or any other similar device if
you can suggest is fine). I would be using some kind of nix only (maybe
ubuntu or *bsd) so I do not need one pre-installed with any commercial
OS. Can anyone please suggest a few devices which I can avail of in Pune
with their approx. prices?

I am not a gadget-junkie and do not understand these new gadgets, so
require some help.


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