[PLUG] How to write Linux system level API for USB in QT?

steve steve at lonetwin.net
Wed Aug 18 16:58:03 IST 2010


On 08/17/2010 11:17 AM, amit apte wrote:
> Dear Friends,
> I am writing  system level functions e.g  copy(from USB to Target board and
> viz ), check usb size using QT.  My PowerPC based target board contained
> Linux OS and on top of it application is written using QT.
> Can any body explain how to write a system level API’s  such as copy, check
> usb size etc in QT ? or what is way to proceed ?

There are 2 ways to do USB programming on linux. Kernel device drivers or User 
Space library such as libusb. If you are just starting off with linux or if you 
want to interact with a generic class of USB devices (like USB storage) rather 
than one specific device, I would recommend using libusb.


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