[PLUG] Fwd: Qimo in Marathi

Sudhanwa Jogalekar sudhanwa.com at gmail.com
Wed Aug 18 16:41:52 IST 2010


Last week I downloaded Qimo 2.0  (http://www.qimo4kids.com ) distro. It is a
distro for kids. Based on Ubuntu, it has the lightweight XFCE interface.
I just wanted to check the contents and how the packages are in the new
version. Old one was nice and the current release is excellent and looks

The first screen when I started the PC from the CD was giving me options to
select language. To my surprise, it has many Indian languages available
including Marathi.
I know that Marathi localisation is not so good (actually very poor :-( )
but still started using Marathi language.
As expected, most of the stuff is in English but some of the things are in

One of the most important package in the distro is Gcompris and it is
completely in Marathi !!!
As I know, this work is done by Anand Kulkarni (and his team) from PLUG. It
was really a pleasant surprise to know that complete localisation of the
package is done and it is reached upstream and included in other distros.

Many many thanks and Congrats to Anand for this great work!!

Best regards,

-- Sudhanwa


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