[PLUG] Need help regarding VPN

Kulkarni Shantanu linux at shantanukulkarni.org
Thu Aug 19 15:42:16 IST 2010

* Dnyanraj Mali <dnyanraj.mali at gmail.com> [100819 06:53]:
> Hi All,
> I want to know how to setup & use VPN connection from Ubuntu (or any Linux
> machine)..
> If anyone has setup VPN before, can you please tell me which server & client
> you are using? and what are the reasons to choose that particular
> architecture.

I am some sort of VPN hobbist. I sometimes use vpns professionally, but
generally i set them up for friends who are travelling and like a secure
connection. i personally prefer openvpn, easy to setup, very good ssl
security etc. Packt pub. has a book on it which is quite decent read.
Even their online tuts are good enough. If you want to do something
limited I find even ssh tunnelling sufficent for many purposes.


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