[PLUG] iPod on Linux

Ashok Sinha sinha130 at gmail.com
Thu Dec 30 12:26:04 IST 2010

Dear Gustav,

Thanks for your reply.

> Gtkpod works great with the ipod.  However, before the first time it is
> used, the ipod has to be formatted as a FAT drive and not with the native
> Apple filesystem.  The first time the ipod is connected to iTunes it should
> be on a computer with MS Windows.

I tried to use iTunes but that did not work. Apple helpline told me to do
some stuff but that did not work either.

>  But, from your mail, it seems like you have a gtkpod tar file and not a
> gtkpod rpm.

I had installed a GTK version from my software installer on Linux but since
that did not show my model I was trying to install a later version. So I
downloaded the Tar file at the GTK website, and did not know what to do with
that. My Linux is probably based on FC8.

If it aint broke don't fix it, is the dictum I follow, and not being too
savvy on Linux I did not upgrade to Ubuntu, as I did not get stuck with
hardware not working. I am using linux on my Acer Aspire one netbook.

 If I understand right, then you do not yet have gtkpod installed, you only
> downloaded it.

I do have gtkpod installed but it is version 0.99.12. It recognizes that an
ipod is connected but cannot load it as it is a model that is not in the

 I suggest that you get an rpm of gtkpod from a Fedora repository or from
> rpmfind website, etc.  Get an rpm of gtkpod that closely matches your
> distro.  I don't know which version of your distro you are using, or which
> version of Fedora will be closest to that, but with a bit of googling, you
> should be able to find out.  Then install the rpm, either from the command
> line, or using your distros' package management system.

When I did a ctrl+alt+del, the system monitor came up and that shows a page
Gnome, with a footprint,
Ditributor ID : NA, Release: NA
Kernel Linux
(Not that I am any wiser)

I will look for these sites you mentioned and see if I can get some thing.


Ashok Sinha

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