[PLUG] Beagle Board for embedded development

Chaitannya Mahatme chaitannya at gmail.com
Fri Jan 29 14:11:22 IST 2010

Hello Everyone,

I remember the last Plug meet that we had Amit Karpe had mentioned about 
Beagle Board, an Arm development board. @Amit Karpe .. Is this the same 
board that you were talking about ?


I was just checking out the specifications and found it very interesting.
Members of the Plug community, can you share your experience of the 
Beagle board.
I also wanted to know a few things
1. From where do I get (buy) the board
2. can I work on my laptop which has SUSE Linux Installed on it.
3. How is the toolchain support for the board, how flexible is the 
development on this board.

Cheers !!!
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