[PLUG] rsyc/scp stalls arbitrarily

Mayuresh mayuresh at acm.org
Thu Jul 22 19:01:53 IST 2010

I've started seeing above issue since upgrade to Fedora 13.

rsync or scp of large files just seems to get stalled either to or from a
particular machine. (A third machine was used to determine that the
problem was with a specific machine only. On the same network large copies
happen fine between other two machines.)

There is nothing odd seen by enabling verbose options of commands or
nothing seen in system logs.

After searching a lot, following are some pieces of information that sound
relevant though using these I could not solve the problem:

This may have something to do with network speeds. Some suggest limiting
the bandwidth used for copying (both scp and rsync have this option). But
that didn't work.

Some suggest certain settings /etc/sysctl which didn't work either. Also
tried making sysctl settings same as the other machine that has no
problem. (Kernel version of both machines is same.) This didn't work

Would appreciate any help in this regard.


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