[PLUG] internet access problem

Abhijit Bhopatkar bain at devslashzero.com
Wed Jul 28 14:52:06 IST 2010

>> Probably your DNS servers had a problem. Did you try pinging some
>> external IP address?
>> You could try using publicly available DNS servers like Google
>> DNS(,, OpenDNS(, or the
>> ones in to series.
>> i can ping to other IP addresses, so connection is live, there must me some
>> problem with ISP server, but i dont understand why skype is working&  none
>> of the browsers were working..
>> This means some of the ports are blocked. and http port is blocked fo mr
>> sure..
>> Is it a bug? how to find that out?
>> Right now things are working well automatically. Thanks all for your help.
Skype has ip addresses of few of its servers hardcoded in it (besides 
lot of other hacks). I have traced its call stack and on failure of DNS 
resolution it will fall back to known ip addresses. It also has 
interesting ways of circumventing many of firewalls and punching holes 
into NATs.

This is not a bug or issue in OS. Your ISP has given you a shity dns 
server (most of them do) Switching to google DNS or others as suggested 
in other replies will work well.


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