[PLUG] Help needed for mini debconf

pavithran s pavi.eu at gmail.com
Sat Jul 31 21:51:17 IST 2010

On 30 July 2010 23:26, Aditya Godbole <aag.lists at gmail.com> wrote:
> 3. Promotional effort - There are plans to go to various colleges and
> talk about the event over there. If you are a student of a college,
> you can consider pulling a few strings to help reach out to a wider
> audience. Drop a mail to the address given above so that this activity
> can be coordinated centrally and no-one steps on each other's shoes.
Done :)
/me promoted the event at recent ilughyd meet . There was a huge
interest on debian-ubuntu relationship .

> 4. Online promotion - This one is easy to do. Blog about the event,
> micro-blog about it, shout aloud on facebook, etc. etc. Help promote
> the event online.
Done at orkut . Promoted in linux and debian community  .

Will be blogging soon :)


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