[PLUG] Please suggest me a GNU/Linux distribution

Pankaj Kumar pankaj at glug4muz.org
Sat Jun 5 08:19:07 IST 2010

Hi all,
 Please suggest me a GNU/Linux distribution for a PC having following 

Processor : VIA Samuel 2
Speed: 796.32 MHz
RAM:  512 MB

The suggested GNU/Linux distribution MUST have at least following packages 
available in it by default:

1. KDE
2. C/C++/Java Support
3. LAMP Support
4. Quanta Plus
5. Open Office
6. Desktop Publishing Support
7. All audio and video codecs
8. VLC
9. All other standard components of GNU/Linux distribution

Please don't suggest URL for installation of additional packages. I want such 
an installation DVD which should contain ALL these packages BY DEFAULT.

Best Regards ...
Pankaj Kumar

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