[PLUG] Dialup Broadband in Ubuntu 8.0

Nikunj Vaidya nikunj.vaidya at gmail.com
Sun Jun 20 07:45:25 IST 2010

I use Jaunty (9.04) while connecting to the BSNL ADSL broadband.
This is the stuff that I have configured -- and it does an automatic connect
if the modem is wired over ethernet.

I use NetworkManager.
Have network-manager-pptp installed

These steps should help,

1. Open System, Preferences, Network Connections.
2. You should see a DSL tab in the Network Connections window.
Once oyu have pptp installed, this should be available.
3. Click on DSL and Add a new entry with these settings,

DSL tab: your username and password (keep the service blank)
Wired : no change, MTU will be 'automatic'
PPP Settings: Allow all methods (if you get into trouble, you may need to
try each one out with the configure methods button).
 Uncheck Use PtP Encyyption (MPPE)
 Confirm checked Allow BSD data compression, Allow Deflate data compression,
Use TCP header compression.
 Uncheck Send PPP echo packets
IPv4 settings: no changes here.

You can choose 'connect automatically' and 'allow all users' if you want.
Click Apply. It should start attempting a connect.

BTW: is there a reason to use 8.0 and not 10.04 or 9.04?
nik.. .

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