[PLUG] [fsug-goa] (OT) Computer system from Pune launched in CEBIT !! Runs FOSS!!

steve steve at lonetwin.net
Fri Mar 5 03:26:00 IST 2010


On 03/05/2010 01:10 AM, Sudhanwa Jogalekar wrote:
> Hi,
> DSK Digital (part of the DSK group from Pune) has launched this Texas
> Instruments OMAP3 600mhz ARM based full Linux computer system for a
> whole bunch of low power, even solar powered computing for on the
> field healthcare, e-governm.......etc. etc.
> And it runs FOSS !!!
> Interested to know more?
> Check out this video:
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Coj9y49Ysuk

^^^^^ That right there is why I predict this device will go the simputer way, 
ie: it will fail to make the impact that it should !!

Why do I say that ? Well, what else can you expect when people send some 
clueless PHBs to tech expos to present a system which is basically a freaking 
impressive piece of hardware ! Here is what was wrong:

a. The guy didn't seemed confused whether the processor was samsumg manufactured 
or TI manufactured.

b. The most impressive bits -- 3G, GPS and *3.5 Watts* consumption (which I 
personally am a bit skeptical about -- even the OLPC is not that power 
efficient) are added as afterthoughts after the person creating the video asked 
about it. The guy instead choose to focus on an OO *2-point-freaking-4* demo !! 
gah !!

c. The guy mentions 'education' as a /major/ sector where this can be used, but 
cannot explain why !!! (aaaahhhh !!)

d. The guy touts the touch screen as an important feature (which it isn't, 
according to the pamphlet in front, that is an optional addon) but prefer to 
demo the solar panel only in context of the carry on case !!! wtf ??!!!??

e. They are looking for partners to tie up with for creating software 
applications, but not a single specific note about the platform !! ...besides 
saying ...oh, it's ubun-sorry-lee-nux

Now, besides sending idiots like that to present something innovative at a tech 
expo, here is why I think this will still fail -- It tries to be the complete 
solution for all problems -- low power ...with webcam ? ... fingerprint reader ? 
...smart card reader ? ... touch screen ? ...tv out ? I fail to see a use case 
where /all/ those would be /necessary/ while also targeting the low-cost segment 
who do not want/cannot afford a netbook.

*sigh* ...what a waste of good talent(*).

- steve

(*) I mean the engineering team who made this happen. kudos to them !

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