[PLUG] Devanagari on terminal

Mayuresh mayuresh at acm.org
Wed Nov 24 18:44:50 IST 2010

Perhaps a discussed topic before, but still no good answers that I know

What I find about terminals I tried:

xterm: No support for devanagari

gnome-terminal: Shows matras that are above or below a letter right but
not some others (ukar, matra right, but velanti, jodakshare not right)

konsole: Exactly opposite of the above (shows nothing above and below the
line i.e. no matra, ukar etc. but horizontally things look alight)

mlterm: Read about this. Doesn't compile on Fedora. No rpm.

Read about CDAC work on this, though didn't get any pointers to download

If anybody has managed to get devanagari work fine on a _terminal_, please
share your settings (which terminal app, what font and locale settings


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