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Amit Karpe amitkarpe at gmail.com
Mon Oct 11 19:05:22 IST 2010

We all will miss him a lot.

Amit Karpe.

On Mon, Oct 11, 2010 at 6:03 PM, Sudhanwa Jogalekar
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> Dear friends,
> One of our senior members, Vinay Pawar (usually known as ZOYD),
> expired on Saturday (9th) evening.
> While he was coming to the PLUG meeting, he met with a traffic
> accident near RTO.
> He was taken to Sasoon hospital immediately, but treatment was not of much
> use.
> Zoyd was an active member of PLUG since 1999-2000. He actively
> participated in all the PLUG events, especially the CMDA expo and
> GNUnify.  He was instrumental in creating the name "GNUnify" and the
> logo for the first GNUnify conference.
> He actively participated in all the PLUG meetings. During the
> meetings, he also appeared to think several steps ahead in the
> technical matter under discussion, rather than dwelling on the
> obvious.
> We will always remember him for his “courteous, un-assuming,
> non-pushy, matter-of-fact, positive, helpful comments and suggestions
> for improvement ”
> He was very good in graphics and did a lot of work in Inkscape and
> GIMP. The current PLUG logo (Tux with Puneri pagdi) was created by
> him ( after
> the initial work by Somesh ).
> He was working on blender these days. He did mention in his blog,
> about doing couple of models for the recently released short film
> "Sintel", but not
> confirmed if that got included. He had said he was to be working more
> actively in next project.
> He was quite active in LFS too. Some years back, he had started a
> project called Antomic (http://antomic.sourceforge.net/). In this, he
> had created a complete LFS distro called Antomic GNU/Linux. The name
> was inspired by "ants".
> Apart from his interest and participation in FOSS activities, he was
> also active in BMX/mountainbiking with other riders from group
> www.ride2026.com
> His blog: http://www.vinaypawar.com/blog/
> His photostream: http://www.flickr.com/photos/vinaypawar/
> His lean, trim, atheletic figure on a bike is hard to forget...
> He was just about 30 and his untimely death is a great loss to PLUG.
> May god rest his soul in peace.
> Zoyd, we will miss you.
> --Sudhanwa
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