[PLUG] [Off-Topic] : laptop hw issue : mild shocks at times

Abhishek Sharma emote2abhishek at gmail.com
Tue Oct 12 00:35:00 IST 2010


I believe this more of a earthing problem rather than the Power Adapter.

Have you tried connecting it at other places, I also experienced the same
thing but when I would connect my laptop in office where apparantely the
earthing was fine, I didnt feel any electric shock

On Sun, Oct 10, 2010 at 11:26 AM, Ankur Sinha <sanjay.ankur at gmail.com>wrote:

> Hello,
> This is not linux related.
> Of late, I'm receiving electric shocks from the points of my laptop.
> I've googled and it appears to be a grounding issue. The common solution
> is to switch from a 2 pin plug to a 3 pin plug that has an earth pin.
> I'm already using a 3 pin plug. Would anyone know what's causing this?
> Has my power adapter turned faulty?
> --
> Thanks!
> Regards,
> Ankur
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