[PLUG] [Commercial] [Job] Senior PHP Developer Opening in Pune

Ramakrishna Reddy ramkrsna at gmail.com
Wed Oct 20 12:21:02 IST 2010

Deal Pluggies

The company of  a friend of mine is looking for two Full Time Sr. PHP
developers here in Pune.  If some you know is looking out,  You could
directly send the resumes to  Anil Menon, <Anil.Menon at globallogic.com>
.  The Job description is as follows ::

Senior Developer- PHP
Role: Developer - Sr. Associate - Engineering

Required skills:
1) PHP
2) Python
3) Javascript/AJAX/CSS
4) OOPS concept and implementation
5) Exposure to high traffic sites, Social Media, Content Management,
Distributes system Architectures
6) MVC, Singleton design pattern implementations
7) Individual contributor

Desired skills:
1) Database exposure
3) *NIX exposure
2) Prior experience working on Content Management systems , Social
Media products
3) Passion for Internet and related technologies

Thanks and Regards
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